Sarthak Skill Development Centre - Sarthak Educational Trust

Sarthak’s Skill Development Centres provide youth with disabilities with a wide range of skills and training in leadership, social and communication skills, ICT and basic life skills. The three month training programme is delivered through three streams: ICT, Tourism and Hospitality, and organised retail. The training programme serves people of 18 to 30 years of age.
The project involves expanding the Delhi Skill Development Centre to provide training to an addition of 67 people living with disabilities. Of the 67 expected number of graduates, Sarthak aims to place 70 per cent (47 graduates) in full time employment at the conclusion of the programme. Sarthak has established networks with over 500 employers across a range of sectors. This is coupled with regular employment mapping exercises to identify new job opportunities for graduates. For more details please log on to 

Toilet Renovation & Upgrading - Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City

Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City (RCDGC) has been actively serving the community since 1989 by managing a number of successful community service projects, as well as contributing to Rotary International’s key initiatives – Polio Eradication and Blood Donation. The club has the organizational and process maturity to not only sustain its community service projects (some of which have been in operation since 1999), but also initiate new pilot projects from time to time. Since 1989 RCDGC has worked with a number of  Rotary Clubs worldwide and with several partner and affiliate organizations to execute its community service projects. RCDGC takes great pride in the transparency of its operations and publishes its accounts and project reports annually on its web site.

This project of the Rotary Club of Delhi Garden City, will involve renovating and upgrading of 2 blocks of Toilets at MCD School, DDA Flat Kalkaji, New Delhi, and add in whatever little way to the “Swaatch Bharat” mission of the Government of India. RCDGC has over the past years successfully completed renovating toilets in over half a dozen MCD schools and over 300 Toilets. We have successfully completed renovation of toilets, across Delhi NCR, under various CSR grants received from corporates such as Hughes Communication, Angelique Foundation, Sonalika Tractors, etc. in the years 2014-16. For more details please log onto

Upgrading of Media & Computer Lab - Manzil Welfare Society

Manzil is a non-profit, youth-led learning centre that provides a supportive community and resources for students from low-income backgrounds to empower themselves and one another through learning, teaching, and creativity and encouraging each other to see the world in new ways. Manzil has been teaching computer use since its inception. By teaching basic computer applications and training computer teachers, Manzil has touched the lives of 4000 students and 50+ teachers who then taught 10000+ students across Delhi. The Manzil Welfare Society  knows the importance of computers in today’s world and the importance of following the technology trend. For more details please log onto 

Preparing Parent less Children for School - SOS Children’s Villages India

The parent less children who come to SOS Villages have most never been to school or they have had to discontinue their education prior to joining a SOS Village. In order to prepare them for schooling it is imperative to reorient them about schooling and learning. The preparatory curriculum and teaching aid materials are engaging tools for children and present the tutors with a suggestive progression to gear their pupils up for the school environment as per their learning levels.
This project will provide 30 children with a preparatory curriculum, teacher manuals and learning aid to Green fields and Bawana SOS Villages (25 km and 36 km from Delhi respectively). It will enable 30 parent less children to acquire basic reading and writing skills in English, math, Hindi and environmental sciences. As a result, they will gain enough confidence to attend school and perform well. Their integration into a school is critical for them to acquire capabilities to do well in their lives. For more details please log onto

Charitable Projects

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Restoration of the Aashray Family Home - STOP

The Aashray Family Home was established in 2000 with a licence issued by the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India. The home provides rights-based, non-judgemental, safe and habitable environment for girls who have been rescued from human trafficking. It can accommodate 50-60 girls at the age of 7-18+ and provides rehabilitative assistance to the recovered survivors, before they are returned to their families in India or repatriated to their families across the borders.
The project involves basic restoration of the Aashray Family Home, including of sanitation facilities, water supply, lighting, paintwork and floor repair, food storage and kitchen garden equipment, and contribution to the Corpus (Reserve) Fund for institutional support. For more details please log onto